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Conergy Solar Panels

Conergy Solar Panels

Conergy Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Founded in 1998 in Germany, Conergy Solar has grown into a global leader in the solar energy marketplace with more than 1.5 GW of solar power capacity deployed in 40 countries around the world. Throughout its 16 year history Conergy Solar Panels have graced the projects of every size, from small-scale systems powering homes and businesses to large-scale solar PV plants powering schools, factories and farms.

Cost-Effective Solar Photovoltaic Panels

The Conergy P series of solar panels are a very-cost effective solar energy solution available in a range of formats and power classes. The P Series solar modules provide high yields, a long-service-life, and are versatile enough for project scales ranging from residential to utility-size.

Engineering and Production Controls = Top Quality Photovoltaic Solar Panels

World renowned German engineering and manufacturing precision is inherent in Conergy's P Series Solar Panels. In addition to a rigorous vendor qualification process that is lengthy and comprehensive, Conergy PV module manufacturing experts spend weeks at each production facility, to ensure that the processes employed at the photovoltaic panel production site meet the company's precise specifications. Regular audits of qualified suppliers ensures production processes remain in compliance. And, every module shipment from all suppliers is subject to a multi-point inspection and acceptance program. Conergy also maintains its own photovoltaic research and testing lab in Germany allowing the company to continuously and precisely monitor every component in the finished solar module.

Conergy's Photovoltaic Solar Panel Warranty

Conergy's stringent engineering and quality procedures enables the company to provides an objective 25-year linear output warranty on its Conergy P series photovoltaic panels. In contrast to many competing modules, whose output warranty is subject to the manufacturer’s assessment and “sole discretion,” Conergy accepts testing data from any qualified 3rd party testing laboratory - and covers those costs for all valid claims. This ensures that the assessment of any Conergy module performance warranty claim is fair, impartial, and transparent. In addition, the warranty for Conergy P series solar panels is fully backed and serviced by Conergy alone, simplifying service claims, decision turnaround times, and logistics. As added financial security, their module warranties are also back-stopped by the original manufacturer's warranty for double security.