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Trina TrinaSmart 245 Watt Poly Solar Panel TSM-245PA05.20 (1 Pallet 29 Panels)

Trina TrinaSmart 245 Watt Poly Solar Panel TSM-245PA05.20 (1 Pallet 29 Panels)

Retail Price:$289.00
Part Number:TSM-245PA05.20-83-2
Trina 245 Watt Poly Solar Smart Panels-PA05.20-245 $0.72/watt | Poly w Module Maximizer J-eS50 | Clear Frame | White Backsheet | Plug Type: MC4 | Robust light-weight anodized aluminum alloy | High efficiency 60-cell module (15% | Excellent weak light performance | Third Party Warranty | TSM-245PA05.20-Clear
Trinasmart modules incorporate innovative power electronics from Tigo Energy to achieve module-level diagnostics, maximum energy harvest through module level DC power optimization, and reduction of arc, fire and safety hazards. Integration of the module optimizer into the junction-box enables patented Smart Curve technology, which allows up to 30% longer strings and significant balance-of-system (BOS) savings.

Key Features
  • Safer Solar: Panel-level disconnect to remotely deactivate modules. Arc, fire and safety hazard mitigation. More Efficient O&M plus Panel-level monitoring to pinpoint problems. Detailed real-time alerts and analytic
  • Highest Power Density: Install more modules on any roof. Uneven string lengths enables design flexibility
  • Maximized Energy Harvest: Impedance matching technology eliminates mismatch loses and provides more power from each module bin
  • Lower BOS Costs from Smart Curve Technology: 30% lower max open circuit voltage, 30% longer strings. Fewer combiners, fuses and copper wiring required
  • Fully Integrated: Compatible with any inverter. No additional boxes to mount to a module

Warranty Backed By Third Party
10 Year Product Warranty / 25 Year Linear Power Warranty.
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