Trina 260 W Reconditioned Solar Panel
Trina 260 W Reconditioned Solar Panel

7.8 Kw Package of 30 Reconditioned Trina 260 W Solar Panels

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7.8 Kw Package of 30 Trina 260W Solar Panels

This is a pallet of 30 Reconditioned Trina 260 W TSM-260PD05.08 Solar Panels - 7.8 Kw total power that have been professionally inspected, machine washed, flash tested and re-palletized. Connectors have been replaced where needed.

These panels are about 8-10 years old, which means that they still have 30 to 40 more years of productivity in them. Great opportunity to go solar for much less.

Know What You're Buying
These are not a bunch of panels that some inexperienced crew picked up and packaged. These modules have been processed through a $100 Million PV Module Reconditioning Plant. They have been flash tested on a flash testing machine calibrated to the wattage of the panel. Panels testing less than the expected wattage are not included in the pallet.

Flash data is provided for each pallet purchased.

Free Shipping
Pallets of 30 or more modules ship free in the lower 48. Hawaii and Alaska shipping are calculated separately.

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