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Enphase, Engage AC Trunk Cable, 1-Ph (4-Wire) ET10-240-BULK - Portrait

Enphase, Engage AC Trunk Cable, 1-Ph (4-Wire) ET10-240-BULK - Portrait

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Enphase Engage Cable | SolarMaxStore.comEnphase, Engage AC Trunk Cable | 1-Ph (4-Wire) for M215 and M250 | Per Connector Qty | Continuous length in Portrait (40") | ET10-240-BULK
The Engage™ Cable is a continuous length of 12AWG cable with pre-installed connectors for Enphase Microinverters. The cable is handled like standard outdoor-rated electrical wire, allowing it to be cut, spliced and extended as needed.

The Enphase Engage cable, aka "Trunk Cable," is used to connect a group of Enphase M215 microinverters together. The cable can be cut and the length can be adjusted to the number of microinverters to be installed; Use one drop or one connector per microinverter.
Portrait or Landscape?
The spacing between the connectors in the Enphase Engage cable comes in two configurations: Portrait and Landscape.  Try for continuous runs of cable. It saves on installation time. Be sure to use a Watertight Cap with all unused connectors.

  • Quick installation
  • Large branch capacity
  • Simple design
  • No additional cables
  • No high-voltage DC
  • Reduced fire risk
This cable is rated for 240 Volts AC systems. Not compatible with Enphase M210 and M190 models.
Enphase M250 Datasheet | Datasheet (Opens in a New Window)

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