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Grid Tie And On Grid / Off Grid Solar Power Inverters

Grid Tie Power Inverters are designed to convert the DC energy produced by your solar panels into AC energy that your utility?s grid is using. The Grid Tie Inverter is the brains of your mini electric plant. It decides where to send the converted power ? First to the house or work place, and all excess power to the grid. A Net Meter installed by your Utility calculates the amount of power your solar system generated and how much you used. Grid Tie power systems represent the great majority of solar systems installed in the U.S., and probably in all of the industrialized countries.

On Grid / Off Grid Inverters are inverters that have the ability to connect to both the grid and to a back-up battery bank, or to just a backup battery bank. Typically, Grid Interactive systems are set up to first charge the battery bank and then feed energy to the household or business. If the household or business grid cannot use all of the energy being produce, the excess energy is channeled back to the utility's grid. These inverters are also used for Off Grid situations.

Although most of our products are not yet online, carries brand name micro- inverters, string inverters, battery-based inverters and central inverters for very large solar power systems ? All at very competitive pricing.. Whether you need a small order of micro inverters or a central inverter system, has what you need at the best price possible.

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Types of Inverters
Grid Tied
String Inverters
Grid Tied
On Grid / Off Grid Inverters
Microinverters at String Inverters at On-Grid/Off-Grid Inverters at
Choose a Microinverters when you will have partial shading of your array during the day, or if installed panels will make more then one angle to the sun, or if you think you will want to expand your system in the future. Choose a String Inverters when all panels make the same angle to the sun, and no partial shading occurs at the installation site. Choose an On-Grid / Off-Grid Inverter with Battery Backup if you live in an area where extreme weather can disable the utility's electric grid for long periods of time; Or, if you need to be totally off the grid.