Znshine Solar

Znshine SolarZnshine Solar, a leading PV Module Manufacturer, was founded in 1988 in China's Jiangsu Province. The company is a Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tier 1 module manufacturer with over 32 years of manufacturing experience.

Znshine's global footprint in Japan, India, Germany, Italy, Switerland, UK, USA, Canada, Chile, Australia and Africa has it well positioned to become one of the world's largest utility-scale solar project developers..
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Znshinesolar 450W Mono Solar Panel | Clear Frame | White Backsheet, BoW | 144 Half-Cell
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$438.25  $243.30
Minimum Order: 93 Panels - 31 panels/pallet
Znshine Solar 370 W  Mono Solar Panel | Black Frame | Black Backsheet, BoB | 120 Cell HC
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$386.75  $126.17
Minim;um Order: 15 Panels (Pallet: 30 Panels)