About Us

Welcome To Solar Max

Solar Max is a mission-driven company that has been providing Low Cost / High Value Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems to Home Owners and Business Owners since 2008.

Our mission from the get-go has been to provide the best solar power at the lowest price possible by constantly shopping solar module manufacturers and solar module distributors for the best deals.

Word is out that we have some of the best pricing on solar equipment, especially on solar panels, the most expensive part of a solar system.

We’re a small company with a big idea… At least one solar panel for everyone. Imagine everyone in the country producing some small part of the energy they use with Solar — charging cell phones laptops, ipads, electrics pumps, outdoor lights and fountains, lighting and heat for a shed or garage — The fossil-fuel savings would be huge!

We’re a country of 350 million people. If just 60% of us, 250 million of us, powered just one element of our daily energy-use with solar, the trees would grow faster, the oceans will calm down and stop flooding New Jersey, No more 150 mph typhoons, California will stop burning every summer and No More Mudslides every winter, and everybody will be happy and things will be great again!

Okay. So maybe that’s a little over the top. But hey… You have to admit, it’s most likely a phenomenal reduction in the utilities’ Kilowatt Hours Used/Billed (kwh), which in turn would result in a corresponding huge decrease in fossil fuel usage.

Solar Max is committed to making it possible for everyone to participate in the Solar Revolution by offering top grade solar equipment at the best price possible — A couple of smidgens above our cost. We need a couple of those smidgens to pay the bills.