Huge Increase in Nevada Solar Applications After Reinstatement of Net Metering

Posted by Danny London on 5/15/2018 to Solar News
If there was ever any question about the importance of Net Metering to the adoption of roof-top solar, Nevada's experience with the issue lays the question to rest.

The rooftop residential and commercial solar industry in Nevada is booming following reinstatement of net metering in 2017. The state's major utility, NV Energy, noted a very large increase in solar roof-top applications.

SolarMax Spring Specials Solar Panels

Posted by Danny London on 5/14/2018 to Solar News
SolarMax Spring Specials Solar Panels

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New Rechargable Water-Based Battery Prototype Stores Solar and Wind Energy

Posted by Danny London on 5/3/2018 to Solar News
Stanford University researchers have developed a prototype water-based battery they believe can one day store solar and wind energy on an industrial-grade level to feed into electric grids.