SolarMax Emergency Solar Kit
SolarMax Emergency Solar Kit

Solar Power Emergency Kit

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The Solar Power Emergency Kit was designed with violent weather events in mind. Those now
all too frequent once-in-100-year storms have been wreaking havoc on power systems with greater frequency, creating real life emergencies. The Solar Power Emergency Kit will have you armed with renewable sources of portable power - For anything life throws at you.

Our Emergency Solar Kit has what you need to keep the essential things powered wherever you need them -- from communication devices like phones, TVs, and computers to lights, mini refrigerators, even full size refrigerators and many other devices. This kit uses the sun and lithium battery technology.

This Solar Power Emergency Kit comes with:

1 x Lion Safari LT 500 Power Unit - 500W AC, USB, 12V Outputs and only 11 lbs - $589
1 x 100 Watt Folding Solar Panel - $229.00
1 x 25' Solar Extension Cable - $39.00

That's an $857.00 Value for Just $736.33!

There will never be a better time to prepare for the next "Grid Down"

event - BUY IT NOW!

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