LG 440 W BiFacial Solar Panel
LG 440 W BiFacial Solar Panel

LG NeON® 2 BiFacial 440 Watt Solar Pane | Silver Frame | Clear Backsheet |144 Cells

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Part Number:l LG440N2T-E6-373
LG Solar  

The LG NeON2T-E6  is designed to absorb sunlight both from the front and the rear sides of its NeON® cell by using a transparent backsheet. The dual faces of the cell result in higher energy generation.


The LG 440 Watt Mono Bifacial solar panel is a high-efficiency solar module that can produce power from both sides of the panel. It uses LG’s NeON technology, which features n-type cells with no boron and Cello technology, which reduces electrical loss and increases reliability. The panel has a module efficiency of 19.8% and a power output of 440W. It also has a low temperature coefficient and a high bifacial energy yield, which means it can perform well on hot and cloudy days. 

The panel comes with a 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor, which is one of the best in the industry. It has a sleek design with no electrodes on the front and a transparent backsheet that allows light to pass through. The panel is suitable for commercial and utility-scale applications, especially in areas with high albedo or reflective surfaces. The LG 440 Watt Mono Bifacial Solar Panel is a premium product that offers high performance, durability and aesthetics.

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