Lion Cub GO Portable Hand Held Power Generators
Lion Cub GO Portable Hand Held Power Generators

Lion Energy Cub GO Portable Hand Held Power Generator

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Lion Energy Cub GO Portable Hand Held Power Generator
The Lion Cub GO™ is a super handy powerful battery bank that can power USB devices like your phone,tablet, or even provide AC power for things like your laptop - No matter where you go!

Key Features

  • Lightweight: Less than 3 lbs
  • High Power: Strongest battery allowed on airplanes
  • Three Ports: USB, 12V car auxiliary power outlet and AC.

Small But Mighty Cub GO™ Can Power...

  • DSLR Camera: 9 Hours
  • iPhone: 18 Hours
  • Laptop: 1.3 Hours
  • TV: 1 Hour
  • Lamp: 20 Hours
  • Drone: 2 Hours

And. much much more.

It's a Super Powerful Flashlight when you need to cut through the darkness

Cub GO Flashlight

Lion Cub GO

Small on Size, Big On Power

Cub GO is the smallest portable power generator to have a full size standard wall outlet. Plug in anything from laptops and lamps to cameras and blenders.


Endless versatility in endless locations

Keep your projects going longer with all the power you need whenever you need it. Just because you're in the
middle of the nowhere doesn't mean you have to stop. Cub GO is there to power engineering teams and survey
crews through the toughest of situations.

Through weather event after weather event

Cub GO is no cute USB power bank. It stomps through the super storms and pushes the boundary of what a compact battery is. Pair it with the Cub GO Solar Panel and this power house duo is up for any and all you can throw at them.

Lion Energy Cub GO Specs


Cub Go Specs

There will never be a better time to be prepared for the next "Grid Down" event. BUY IT NOW!


Accessories and Options

GO 20 Solar Panel | 20 Watt | 8 Volt
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