Recycled Old Solar Panels $15 Billion Business by 2050

Posted by Danny London on 3/3/2017 to Solar News

In a new study released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), recycling of old solar panels world-wide could exceed S-Energy 250 Watt Poly Solar Panel$15 Billion by 2050 if the estimated stock of 78 million tons of raw materials are injected back into the economy. The recovered raw materials could potentially be used to produce 2 billion new panels.

According to the report “[In order]to unlock the benefits of such PV end-of-life industries, the institutional groundwork must be laid in time to meet the expected surge in panel waste.”

Current solar industry recycling ability is at 96% and the industry is striving for 100%. With near total recyclability as its corner stone, solar power's environmental sustainability measure, which already outperforms all other energy sources, is on the road to zero negative impact on the environment.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency

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