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Solar Max is pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of solar panels from which to choose. All of our panels carry the certifications necessary for use in U.S Grid Tie systems. And, they all come with a 20 to 30 year linear power output warranty of 80% - which is to say that in 20 to 30 years your solar panels will be producing a minimum of 80% of the energy they produced on Day One.

How Long Will Your Solar System Last?

Solar Panels last a long, long time. Solar module manufacturers, like all manufacturers, are very conservative with their warranties, which is why they will offer only up to 20 to 30 year warranties. However, extensive Research has shown that solar panels typically lose between 0.025% - 0.007% of their power each year - Which means they will still be producing as much as 80% of their original output in 40 years!

The Best Prices On The Best Solar Panels

Our clients, both residential and commercial, benefit from our passion for constantly shopping U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturers, Distributors, and large regional/national solar installation companies for excess inventory - That, along with our relationships with some of the largest Solar PV Manufacturers, and Solar Panel Wholesale Distributors in the U.S. affords us the ability to ensure quality product at the lowest prices possible.
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