Solar Panel Clearance Sale

Inventory Clearance SaleWe are renewable energy shop-a-holics here at Solar Max. Every week we reach out to over 25 solar panel and solar equipment suppliers in search of really good deals we can offer our customers. Sometimes we come up with whole containers of solar panels, sometimes just a few hundred solar panels, and sometimes just a few.

Our suppliers are manufacturers, national and local distributors, and very large installation companies doing mega-watt utility scale type projects. These Solar Panel Clearance Specials are located in warehouses across the U.S. which very often gives us the ability to keep our shipping costs real low as we always ship direct from the source, and make every attempt to select a warehouse closest to you.

Time Is Of The Essence!

If you see a solar panel you like, order it! We'll put a 24 hour hold on it while we obtain the best shipping cost. If there is no link to the product CALL 646-504-7184 and place a phone order. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED until you have the shipping cost and decide to buy.

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