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SolarMax Spring Specials Solar Panels

Posted by Danny London on 5/14/2018 to Solar News
Spring has Sprung, The Grass is Riz,
SolarMaxStore is where the Specials Is! 

I know, I know, that's corny... but hey, we have some really good prices on a variety of Tier I Solar Panels.  Please take a look!
REC 290 Watt TwinPeak2 Poly Solar Panel | Black Frame - White Backsheet BoW | 60 cell x 2
Canadian Solar 305 Watt Mono-PERC Solar Panel | 60-Cell | Black Frame | Bow
$0.57/watt! Only 30 Panels Remaining Call 631-725-4440 To Order
GCL Solar 330 W Poly Solar Panel Silver Frame White Backsheet - 72-Cell
As Low As $0.51/watt!
CSUN 275 Watt Poly Solar Panel - Clear Frame - 60-Cell
Great Selection of 60-Cell and
72-Cell Panels At Pre-Tariff Sale Prices

  • All Black and Black on White Mono-PERC 60-Cell Panels - 295 Watts to 305 Watts
  • High Efficiency 72-Cell Poly Panels - 320 Watts - 335 Watts
Shine On!

Danny London | Manager Solar Sales and Design
Voice: 631-725-4440
Text:   646-504-7184

Follow Me On Twitter - @Danl17D
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