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SolaTrim Pest Animal Barrier For Roof Top Solar Systems
SolaTrim Pest Animal Barrier For Roof Top Solar Systems

SolaTrim Pest Animal Barrier For Roof Top Solar Systems

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SolaTrim protects your solar panels from the abundance of pests looking to set up house underneath your solar arrays. SolaTrim prevents birds, squirrels, possums and roof rats from nesting beneath your solar arrays. SolaTrim also provides your solar panels with protection from damaging environmental debris such as leaves and roof-rot. SOLA 100 - 100 Feet (Case of 25 - 4 Foot Panels 48" x 5.5"): Manufacturers' ID: ST-055


The SolaTrim Pest Animal Barrier is an aesthetic, all-weather, long lasting system designed to limit environmental impact and pest intrusion to residential roof-top solar system arrays. SolaTrim specifically blocks pigeons (whose droppings can create a health hazard) and squirrels (who like to chew on wires) along with possums and roof rats from getting under solar systems while allowing air to circulate underneath the solar panels, maintaining a protected area between the roof surface and the bottom of the solar panels.

  • Simple Installation - 3M Commercial Technology provides permanent bonding ?Peel-and-Stick? tape eliminates need for rivets, screws or other mechanical fasteners.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing - Gives solar array a finished look / Improves curb appeal

  • All Climate Tested

  • Rust and Corrosion resistant 3003-H14 Aluminum panel

  • Black polyester coating for low-visibility, matching module backing

  • .025? Aluminum stock ? stiffened by design to prevent barrier from bending or warping

  • Diamond stamping to allow for air-flow and temperature regularity

  • The clean practical design provides a finished look to your solar installation - Increases curb appeal


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